From the very beginning,
I had this spark in my mind to bring about a change.
Starting from the boycott of refrigerants and air conditioners,
Till the complete stoppage of all kinds of other pollutants, they had to range.

It was around four years ago, I remember,
When I first presented my idea.
Voices were raised and I was declared a complete fool by common consent,
I was the center of laughter for the next few days because of my revolutionary mania.

I gave up consuming refrigerated items,
As soon as this idea occurred to me.
No more comfort of the air conditioned rooms,
Cause I knew success never comes free.

Not a single soul came to my side and recognised my efforts,
Instead, they always tried to ignore.
But I did not lose hope and continued my revolution on a small personal scale,
And whenever anyone tried to suppress me along with my ideas, I was always prepared to reply with a roar.

The years passed by,
I am still yearning for support.
Yes, the lone warrior of this idea welcomes all of you to give your contribution in whatever way you can,
And help in improving the environmental report.

I don’t regret anything,
Though, since then, I have had a tough life.
If we can move higher with this idea then my happiness can’t be reduced,
Even with a cut from a knife.

I hope all of my sacrifices,
Won’t go away in vain.
Let’s join our hands together and bring some difference in the world,
Success is not very far away if all of us walk on the same lane.

– Anmol Agarwal


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