The Rainfall’s Tint

Why do I love rain?
Someone I dearly loved had their soul in it;
No, it doesn’t bring back the pain,
Every part of me feels free bit by bit.

There’s something about the lone walker’s gait,
Drenched in rainwater, he carries on with his trip;
With happiness, my mind is laid,
It doesn’t repent since there is no guilt.

The hailstones start coming down,
As blows the furious wind;
I will answer the call again,
There’s something unexplainable about the rainfall’s tint.

– Anmol Agarwal


Facts Would Be Mistaken

We’ve had our dark phase,
Might have it again;
But you are the one I can rely upon,
In the darkest of days.

You have a beautiful soul,
More than the clear water it is pure;
Even if it takes away my life,
For you, anything I would endure.

You are my first and last aid,
Our bond, hopefully, will never fade;
Facts would be mistaken if they ever stated,
For each other, we are not made.

– Anmol Agarwal

Parts Of Her

Are there more parts of her,
Which I hate or love?
I don’t think I even want to keep up,
With anything she does.

The ones which I fondly remember,
Of our journey there are a lot of parts.
Of her which I fondly remember,
There’s none cause I can only see the broken shards.

She hurt the whole of me,
Thinking I’d let it go.
But in my poetry,
Parts of her will see the emotions flow.

– Anmol Agarwal

Friendship: Can Be Earned

For my friends,
What can I say?
I am glad they chose to stay by my side,
When, to myself, I wasn’t the most kind.

They have made my conscience,
This, how shall I explain?
When I needed they have been strong,
But never favoured me when wrong.

The true essence of friendship,
By efforts, can it be gained?
To be telling you, I don’t think I am the right one,
But I do believe, with goodwill, it can be earned.

– Anmol Agarwal

Bucket Hat

I remember seeing you,
Walking on the street;
A bucket hat you had on,
As you passed by the rustling leaves.

Looking at your silhouette,
My heart felt so freed;
Still, I stood watching you,
Just like the unmoving trees.

Could not say hello to you,
Never be a part of your moments of glee;
But since the moment I got to know of you,
In first-sighted love I have believed.

– Anmol Agarwal